Young lady receiving facial massage at Komorebi & Co.

Welcome to the very first Komorebi & Co blog post!  We are so excited to have an opportunity to write and stay in touch with you!  We hope to create a two-way conversation about health and wellness topics that matter: not only to us, but to you.   Each month, we will carefully work to curate content that our readers will find fresh and interesting. We hope you will stay tuned for newsworthy bits that reflect our ethos: At Komorebi & Co, we have a passion for education.  We believe the absolute best in skincare and bodywork can be achieved without a heavy cost to animals, the environment, or your pocketbook. We believe in a culture of inclusivity where we strive to provide a safe space for everyone to receive the numerous physical and emotional benefits that are possible with excellence in massage and esthetics.  


In addition to the above topics, you can look forward to column highlighting the amazing individuals on our team, and the one-of-a-kind products and services we offer.   We also promise to keep you up to date on all of the exciting happenings in our classroom space and out in the community.


Thank you for stopping by!

Michelle Vandeyacht, Komorebi & Co. Founder


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Michelle Vandeyacht

Michelle Vandeyacht

Michelle Vandeyacht is the founder of Komorebi & Co., LLC and is a licensed practitioner of both esthetics and massage therapy with nine years of experience.  She has been a life-long advocate of a cruelty-free, plant-based lifestyle and is a mom to three children and one old Pitbull mix. She and her partner Dave enjoy cycling, enjoying the outdoors,​ and traveling whenever possible.