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What is Halotherapy?

Halotherapy, often referred to as Salt Therapy, comes from the Greek word for salt — “halos.” It is an alternative healthcare treatment where people sit in salt ‘caves’ or rooms to breathe in microscopic salt particles. The concentration of salt particles in a room that’s controlled to maintain low humidity, are gently breathed in to the airways, where they act as gentle brush to help lift away allergens, pollutants and other irritants. The concentration of salt in the air also has an anti-bacterial effect and reduces inflammation while fortifying the immune system.

Although there are references to Salt Therapy going back as far as the Medieval Period, the man attributed with the modern discovery is Feliks Boczkowski: A polish doctor who made the connection in the 1840’s that men working in local salt mines didn’t seem to suffer from the same respiratory issues as often as those who didn’t have exposure to regular salt exposure. Further study and anecdotal evidence for the benefits of regular salt inhalation continued to grow over the next 100 years, and after WWII, some European hospitals began to offer Salt Rooms for patients. The popularity of Salt Therapy began to spread to Canada, Australia, Asia, and finally the United States, when the first public salt room opened in Vermont.   

We’ve been curious about Salt Therapy for awhile, and when the Salt Room Appleton opened up in town, we had to try it out. 


Those are the words of our founder, Michelle, who has been receiving regular Halotherapy treatments since she first went to the Salt Room since earlier this year.

“I hear that some people find the salt to be energizing. I on the other hand feel that with clear sinuses and just a moment to stop and breathe, find that the salt brings me peace and sedation. After I sat with my daughter during my first visit as she playfully enjoyed her session, we both noticed we had some drainage going on (she had just been over a cold, where as I didn’t even notice I was stuffy). We both went home and had just an EPIC nap. I usually have significant difficulty falling asleep and relaxing without medication due to a REM sleep disorder, so this was a big deal to me!”

In addition to realizing that she had a great deal in common with Sheryl, the owner of the Salt Room, she knew that the benefits of Salt Therapy would combine perfectly with massage.


The Salt Room Appleton and Komorebi & Co. are joining forces to bring you a special event combining Salt Therapy with a professional chair massage.

In order to introduce the community to this incredible new healing modality, Michelle and Sheryl partnered to create a new event: Aligning Breath and Body — the opportunity to enjoy all the benefits of a Salt Therapy treatment with those of chair massage performed by one of Komorebi & Co’s licensed massage therapists.

Salt Therapy’s benefits aren’t limited to those with respiratory issues like asthma, allergies,, bronchitis, rhinitis, ear infections, or COPD. It has been shown to help with skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, and acne, and, as Michelle mentioned, it can have powerful, restorative effects on the heart and mind. Massage therapy, likewise, has been demonstrated to help reduce pain and inflammation, assist in the realignment of proper hormone secretion, bolster the immune system, lower stress, and encourage proper cognitive functioning.

Not only does this event allow for guests to experience the full package of complementary health benefits of these two services at the same time, but it’s a fun, low-pressure way to be introduced to a new wellness path to help you achieve your goals for optimum health.

The Salt Room Appleton recently released their first blog, in which Sheryl tells a great deal more about the history of Halotherapy and its benefits. Make sure to check it out and stop back often for updates! Their website is also filled with more information about Salt Therapy, the services they offer, and fascinating facts about their facility in Appleton.

There are still a few spots available for our upcoming event Aligning Breath and Body at the end of this month! If you’re interested in booking claiming your spot, please contact Komorebi & Co by calling 920-312-6707 or booking online here, and selecting “Salt Room Chair Massage Event.”

Until then, friends, we remain your allies in wellness.

All our best!

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Fletcher Marron

Fletcher Marron

Fletcher is the Brand Ambassador for Komorebi & Co.